Q:When do you normally restock?

A: We do not keep our inventory stocked 24/7 , however we try to do 3-4 restocks each month, we do not have a specific date until it gets closer.  To be the most up to date as to when restocks occur make sure to check the events page, as well as our social media pages.

Q: What is your current turn around time?

A: Our restocks are on a preorder basis (unless specified as a ready to ship sale) and orders do not ship until 2 weeks after your order date.

Q: What temperatures and how long do you recommend we brew and steep our Grimoire Teas?

A: Read here

Q: What is the recommended serving of loose leaf per cup of tea?

A: We recommend one teaspoon of loose leaf per 6-8 ounces of water. You may want to use less or more based on your own personal preferences. Each of our bottles holds 10-15 servings of tea

Q:What is the shelf life of Grimoire Teas?

A: We recommend you use your tea within a year. To keep your tea from going stale make sure your bottle lid is secure and you store your bottles out of sunlight and away from moisture.